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The qualities that make an extraordinary actor are exquisite talent, complete tenacity, unique marketability and unbridled passion. I should know, I grew up in The Business. My mother was a stage actor and ultimately director of the now legendary Committee Workshop founded by Jeff Corey. Growing up in the theatre I was drawn to costume design, lighting design and later, a career in makeup effects and as a SAG puppeteer.

For fourteen years I was married to the iconic actor Lance Henriksen. During this time I was a regular instillation on any set Lance was working on. In this way, I learned an enormous amount about film making and the art of acting, sitting besides legendary film makers including Sam Ramie, Richard Rush, John Woo, Chris Carter and Jim Jarmusch. I functioned as Lance’s manager during our marriage and I continue to do so to this day.

In 2009 I opened my boutique management company, Henriksen Talent Management (HTM). My mission is to represent a small and select number of exceptional actors. By keeping my roster extremely small, I am able to have an accessible personal connection with all of my clients and devote myself to an individualized approach to each of their careers.

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